Terms of Service

By accepting the Terms of Service you accept:

                                ==The Panel==

"The service", "The panel", "This panel" refers to this donation platform on this specific domain and may not be confused as something else.   

• We are not obligated to change any "accidental purchases" you've made, only the Owner of the Community may confirm/act upon a decision towards this situation.


"Us", "We", "Our", "The community" all refers to Community name as a group, as a community. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our service.  

• "Owner", "Owner of the Community", "Community Owner" all refers to THIS Community Owner and the one who made it and shall not be confused with anyone else.

• Any Threats on the Community/Owner/Refunds can lead to your Packages getting removed, and will definitly not be issued any refund unless the Owner of the community decides so.

• Lying about Transactions on the subject of Packages can lead to a ban from the server and removal of any currently owned Packages.


• You accept that this is a donation platform, any purchases are DONATIONS only and may not be confused with anything else.


• Refunds will only be made by the Owner's decision, we do not promise refunds and neither do we guarantee you'll have the right to get one.

• You may ask for a refund only when an error has occured and you haven't gotten your rank or what you should've gotten.

• You can be Banned with a Package and will not be issued a refund for your mistake!

• We may not give you a refund if the Owner of the Community has not decided you should have the right to have one.


• Changes can happen within any Package which can lead to changes within your order, examples to this can be:

"8 VIP Jobs down to 6 VIP Jobs"
"Minigun is too OP so it'll be removed from the Custom Job and replaced with another weapon"

• Changes Within any kind of document including Rules, ToS etc.. 

• If you've been too inactive with a Custom Job or have abused it, it may be removed, and will only be added back by the Community Owner's decision.