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Posted: 1 year ago / Aug 14, 2019
Edited: 5 months ago / Apr 03, 2020

-==Main Rules==-

[1] [General rules]
• [1.01] Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community or server will not be tolerated.
• [1.02] Any Sexual/Racist/Sexist/Offensive images/links are forbidden!
• [1.03] Any Staff/User Disrespect/Racism/Sexism/Impersonation and all kinds of those are not allowed in or out of role-play!
• [1.04] Any sort of exploiting is not allowed! (Crashing the server, etc..)
• [1.05] Do not argue in OOC chat, settle it in Private Messages or contact a Staff Member.
• [1.06] Do not Meta-Game. Your character may not use information beyond its knowledge and beyond its current life.
This includes but is not limited to any form of revenge killing, warrant, wanting, or demoting. (Telling other players your location in OOC chat, etc..)
• [1.07] Do not attempt to loophole any rules.
• [1.08] Do not Grief. (Spoiling other's fun for yours intentionally)
• [1.09] Do not attempt to sabotage/discriminate the Staff Team or any part of the community.
• [1.10] Advertising (External groups/programs/hosts/servers, etc..) is not allowed!
• [1.11] Chat Adverting is in character and may not be used for adverting opinions/questions/answers etc..
• [1.12] Spawn is a "No Role-play" zone, meaning you may not role-play in it!
• [1.13] Scripting/Cheating/Hacking/Spams of any kind will not be tolerated!
• [1.14] Macros/Third party software, giving players an advantage over another are disallowed! (Bhop, Rapid Fire, etc..)
• [1.15] Max people in a gang can not exceed 3! (Tag in your name, etc..)
• [1.15] Staff On Duty is a "No role-play" Job, any staff sits are out of character. 
• [1.16] Use common sense.
• [1.17] Having Knowledge about an Exploit/Bug with our server and not reporting to us is a bannable offense!
• [1.18] Intentional player block is not allowed!

[2] [RDM/RDA rules]
Random Death Match (RDM) and Random Arrest (RDA) will not be tolerated. You must have a valid role-play reason to kill someone. The reasons consist of the following:
• [2.01] Your life is threatened with a physical assault. (Shooting near you, trying to attack you, raiding you, etc..)
• [2.02] Your job allows it.
• [2.03] You own/are affiliated with someone who owns the property and the person inside the property knows/saw your "Kill On Sight" sign. 
• [2.04] You mug/raid/kidnap someone and they don't comply.
• [2.05] You realistically should do it.
• [2.06] Someone poses a threat to you during your raid. (Having a gun out near you, getting too close, etc..)
• [2.07] Someone's interfering with your property and their role-play doesn't get affected by it.
• [2.08] Someone's influenced by FearRP during a situation they are too close to you at, and don't step away on a your third adverted warning, where each warning is seperate from another by 3 seconds.
• [2.09] Once someone is "KOS" (Kill On Sight), they are always "KOS" in that lifetime unless it has been changed through role-play. (Forgetting about that person, etc..)

[3] [NLR (New Life Rule)]
New Life Rule (NLR) is a rule made to avoid unexpected role-play encounters and lack of realism. NLR is built upon the following:
• [3.01] NLR cooldown is 5 minutes. (This means you may not return to the place you died at or the role-play situation you have been in until the situation and cooldown are over) 
• [3.02] You can’t remember something from a previous life, for example, if a gangster comes into your gun shop and raids/kills you, you can’t then refuse to serve him in your shop because of this situation as it happened in a previous life. 
• [3.03] If you have role-play knowledge of someone's death, you can't connect any knowledge about the person from a previous life to his new one.

[4] [FearRP]
Fear role-play (FearRP) is the concept that your character is afraid to die. FearRP is built upon the following:
• [4.01] When someone points a weapon at you and you have no way to defend yourself, you are advised to their orders.
• [4.02] You may not pull out a weapon or attack an oppressor when he is oppressing you unless you already had a weapon out.
• [4.03] If you are not influenced by FearRP in a situation where you're kidnapped, you may attempt to escape the area without advertising it.

[5] [FailRP]
Fail role-play (FailRP) is a rule made to make role-play more realistic and sense-making. FailRP is built upon the following:
• [5.01] You may not kill yourself in the middle of role-play without any valid (realistic) role-play reason. (Dying out of nowhere for no reason, etc..)
• [5.02] You may not avoid role-play situations through out of character means. (Re-joining to avoid getting arrested, changing job to avoid getting raided, etc..)
• [5.03] You may not cause any out of character act that breaks role-play. (Shooting randomly, Mass stun sticking etc..)
• [5.04] If your job is not intended to do something realistically, you may not do it. (Stealing/Raiding/Mugging as a civilian, etc..)
• [5.05] If your job has no purpose to do an action, you shouldn't do it, unless it benefits your RP. (Kidnapping, etc..)

-==Prop Rules==-

[6] [Props and entities]
• [6.01] Prop/Entity/Door, Spamming/Blocking/Climbing/Surfing, is not allowed! 
• [6.02] Props/Entities without a valid use in RP are not allowed. (Buttons on the street, Cameras at the other side of the map, etc..)
• [6.03] Do not spawn or move props inside of non-affiliated bases, and do not do it inside of a server event. 
• [6.04] Do not use any kind of entity to make annoying sounds purposefully. 
• [6.05] Do not Fading Door Abuse. (Spamming Fading Doors, using Fading Door binds to stop raiders from raiding, etc..)
• [6.06] Do not abuse Props or Entities! (Exploiting into bases using props, etc..)

[7] [Basing and building]
• [7.01] You may have a building sign to isolate and protect yourself from the role-play world provided you do not have any valuables, and you are not engaging in role-play. It must be removed when you are finished.
• [7.02] Pointless text-screens which provide no role-play value are not allowed! 
• [7.03] Any sort of sign (text-screen, etc..) must be clearly view-able!
• [7.04] You may not build on another's base. (Unless you have permission from the property owner)
• [7.05] You may not build any completely pointless, role-play restricting or utterly inappropriate structures. (Giant body parts, welded moving useless props, etc..)
• [7.06] You may not build or block access to map-made entities unless the job/class is allowed to do so within these rules. (Blocking Cinema/Casino, etc..)
• [7.07] You may not block road passage for players.
• [7.08] You may only have 1 base. (This includes gangs altogether)
• [7.09] The maximum amount of Fading Doors you can have until the main part of the base/loot is 4. 
• [7.10] Fading bridges/ramps and sky-constructions are not allowed. 
• [7.11] Keypads/Buttons must be placed near Fading Doors through all sides players can go through it, working.
• [7.12] Bases cannot force players to crouch/jump/crouch jump/slide, or precision walk at any location within unless the job/class is allowed to do so within these rules. 
• [7.13] Bases must be raidable. 
• [7.14] Base entrances as well as the overall inner layout must be absolutely clear and concise unless the job/class is allowed to do so within these rules. (Mazes, zigzag bases, traps, puzzles, hidden keypads, etc.. would not be allowed)
• [7.15] Don't shoot through/use One-Ways for your advantage. (Shooting through one ways, making one ways disappear using a button and then shooting, etc..)
• [7.16] You may not build anywhere in the vicinity of Spawn/OOC Zone, PD (Police department) or Bank unless the job/class is allowed to do so within these rules. 
• [7.17] Only Gangster Jobs or Government Jobs may have checkpoints (Blockage with a maximum fee of $5,000 to pass through), and each one of these job categories may only have up to 2 checkpoints!
• [7.18] You may not add another Fading Door to an already placed Fading Door. (Double Fading Doors)
• [7.19] A base's property is defined by all the inner area of the owned building and the space which is occupied by the door at any given position. External bases (Road Bases, etc..) include the inner area and a small area infront of the main door which makes the the base accessible.
• [7.20] Your base's entryway all the way to the loot must be big enough for any sort of valuables to go through vertically.

-==Raiding Rules==-

[8] [RP Relations]
• [8.01] You may protect jobs who realistically you should protect. (Government Job protecting civilians, etc..)
• [8.02] You may protect those that are affiliated with you.
• [8.03] You may protect those who protected you. (Civilian may protect an Officer which protected him in his life time)
• [8.04] Whilst performing/debating a transaction you may protect your customer/seller.

[9] [RP rules(Raiding,Mugging,Kidnapping and Counters/Countering)]
• [9.01] You (and those affiliated with you) must wait 10 minutes before performing kidnapping again and 15 minutes on the same person, base, or organization. 
• [9.02] You may only hold on to a kidnapped person for a maximum time of 15 minutes!
• [9.03] City Raids (Terror) have a 20 minute cooldown before they can be performed again.
• [9.04] You must advert actions that have cooldowns which are specified within these rules!
• [9.05] You must have role-play relation to counter/assist!
• [9.06] You must have a valid (realistic) role-play reason to raid someone/something, else you may not raid them/it. (Hobo bases, etc..)
• [9.07] Any signs of hostile intent from the victim of the action (Taking out weaponry, etc..) is KOS (Kill On Sight).
• [9.08] Leaving the raid zone at any point during the raid ends your raid participation. 
• [9.09] Raids can only last up to 10 minutes. (You may not occupy a base)
• [9.10] Hostage ransom cannot exceed $20,000.
• [9.11] Targeting is not allowed! (Raiding/Kidnapping the same person constantly, etc..)
• [9.12] Base raids may only start once you lockpick/keypad-crack the base. (Excluding assists)

-==Job Rules==-

• You may play music through your microphone.
• You may use a voice changer.

• Dealers may not self supply (Spawning themselves weapons, etc..), self supply is only allowed if it's one weapon used for protection for that particular life.
• Max overcharge is $15,000.
• Scamming is not allowed!

[Government Jobs]
• You aren't allowed to build/use bases.
• You must follow the law.
• You may not be involved with any criminal activity. (Corruption, etc..)
• Max License price is $15,000.
• Mayor may not put down absurd/offensive/poorly worded out/canceling laws and the Government should not follow them! (Jaywalking is AOS/KOS, All Citizens are KOS/AOS if seen, etc..)
• Mayor may not put down laws which disallows civilian jobs from doing their duties (Fruit Slicer/City Worker etc..)

• You may only use the wire turret for puzzles/traps/mazes etc..
• You may only build puzzle bases/trap bases/mazes etc..
• You may use a voice changer.

• You may only base in the sewers!
• You may kill anyone in the sewers for no reason.

[Cinema Owner]
• You may block off the Cinema as a Cinema Owner.

• You may block off your part of the Mine as a Miner.

[Cult Leader] 
• You may continuously raid the city once you have transformed into a monster (MRDM). (Meaning you would have transformed from the Sacred Statue)

Best regards,

GlowingLight Staff Team.

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