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Posted: 9 months ago / Dec 03, 2019
Edited: 5 months ago / Apr 07, 2020

These are the guidelines that every DarkRP staff member has to abide by:
1. Do not use administrative commands unless in case of emergency or if you are on duty or in a sit. e.g. Physgun players off duty.
2. Do not request promotions as we will promote when we feel you're up to the task.
3. Do not TP (Teleport) to higher ups without their permission/Being in Character.
4. Do not spam bring/teleport staff or users.
5. Do not AFK on duty.
6. Do not take other staff's sits without their permission.
7. You must be in a sit before warning players.
8. You may not be staff on another server as being a staff member requires commitment.
9. Must use Steam IDs when using !warn or !ban (check console), unless you are extremely sure the person is who you are warning/punishing.
10. No RPing/Roleplaying on duty.
11. If you have to warn another staff member it will require higher ranks confirmation.
12. If there's a Staff Member on, please wait to see if they would claim a sit, there is no point switching to the duty job when someone is already on duty.

Best regards,

GlowingLight Staff Team.

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