Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Edited: Dec 14, 2019

== Terms of Service == 

• The community - This community's Owner, Community Owner or simply Owner all refer to this community's Owner and may not be confused with anyone else. The community is built on the domain glowinglight.co and has right upon all changes made within, and is what we describe with the words: Community or server.

• Your account - Your account may be banned, muted or terminated from our forum if we feel as if you have broken one of the following: Sexism, Hate Speech, Disrespect, Discrimination, Spam, Threats or advertisement; or simply if we decide you aren't welcome on our forums. If you feel as if your account has been banned, muted or terminated unfairly, please speak to this community's Owner.

• Unwanted content - Any explicit, pornographic, spammy, sexual, racist, discriminating, or other unwanted content by our Staff, may be removed and might result in your account being banned, muted or terminated from our forum.

• Responsibility - By logging into this website you agree for any thread, post or comment to be within your responsibility, this includes, but is not limited to: Staff Applications, random posts, comments on threads.

== Privacy Policy == 

• Our usage in cookies - Our website uses cookies, you will be greeted with a notification of cookie usage agreement upon viewing the website for your first time.

• Use of your information - We use information about you gathered from your Steam Profile [This is PUBLIC information] to identify you on the website, without this information we would not be able to identify you on our forums, this is a requirement.